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remarkable [re'marka·ble || rɪ'mɑrkəbl /-'mɑː-] adj. 不平常的, 显著的, 值得注意的 remarkable 同义词: exceptional extraordinary great marvelous notable noteworthy rare special striking unusual wonderful

这个问题放在物理学, 很奇怪啊 (貌似是英文问题) Significant: 重大的, 有意义的 Remarkable: 值得注意, 卓越出色的 硬要翻译两者其实没太大区别, 主要是语气

remarkable[英][rɪˈmɑ:kəbl][美][rɪˈmɑ:rkəbl] adj.显著的; 卓越的; 异常的,引人注目的,; 非凡的,非常(好)的; 最高级:most remarkable比较级:more remarkable 例句: 1. Recent data suggest a gradual but...

https://getremarkable.com/ 可能要翻墙

remarkable insights 卓越的见解 双语对照 The book is full of remarkable insights. 这部书充满了深刻而卓越的见解。 如有不懂,请追问。 谢谢!

How are you getting on?I was admitted into a new school near JiaXin. Last weekend, I made a two days trip around JiaXin. The trip gave me a good insight of the life of JiaXin people.In the new school, I met many interesting tea...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 亲找的是 这个吧? re(mark)able ================日文====================== (ALL) ARASHI’s LIFE 终わらない 突き抜けた未来に立っている Arashi's Fight 止まらない 光をこの手に掴むまで 翔:...

whoever引导主语从句 anybody引导定语从句 语法不同 意思一样

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